" Je n’écris pas pour une petite élite dont je n’ai cure,

ni pour cette entité platonique adulée qu’on surnomme la Masse.

Je ne crois pas à ces deux abstractions, chères au démagogue.

J’écris pour moi, pour mes amis et pour adoucir le cours du temps "


Jorge Luis Borges

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issued july 2021!

" I do not write for a small elite to which I pay no attention,
nor for this adulated platonic entity which we nickname the mass.
I do not believe in these two abstractions, dear to the demagogue.
I write for myself, for my friends and to soften the course of time "

Jorge Luis Borges

Together Alone - Alexis Tcholakian

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"INNER VOICE" vol.1 & 2
issued june 2018 & sept 2019

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"LIGHT AHEAD" Part I & II issued April 2021

Dear Alexis

Many thanks for letting me enjoy your recent album.

I really appreciated hearing the great progress, the maturity, the

feeling and the originality of the work accomplished. Huge

Congratulations for this very beautiful record. Wishing you

a lot of success. With kind regards.

Martial Solal


" Alexis Tcholakian is one of those talented French pianists who have shown tremendous talent over the last couple of years. He is also a brilliant composer " Martial Solal


" ... all " trio connaisseurs " will need to look in Alexis Tcholakian's direction "  S. Carini  (Jazzman Magazine)


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January 2016

From january 2016, Alexis Tcholakian is managed by JPL ARTISTS


August 2015

New CD project with australian award-winning singer Ingrid James, including ten originals from Alexis Tcholakian (music) and Ingrid James (lyrics). Recorded in Paris and Brisbane the CD will be released on February 26, 2016 by Newmarket Music  in Australia. IngridJames.com


Alexis Tcholakian's composition "Blue Confluence" has been recorded by Ingrid James & the San Gabriel 7 in Los Angeles and has given the title of their album. Eric Marienthal plays on it! listen to it and buy it


Alexis TCHOLAKIAN - piano

Lilian BENCINI - double bass

Cédrick BEC - drums


" Det er så yndigt at følges ad " (Danish love hymn)

Alexis Tcholakian - piano & adaptation

Simon Teboul - double bass

Thierry Tardieu - drums

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